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Scottish Crackdown on Illegal workers

Since the legislation came into force in April 2008 Scottish companies have been fined a total of £670,000 for employing illegal workers.

Most employers are aware that it is an offence to employ anyone who does not have the appropriate permission to work in the UK. Ensuring that all employee are legally able to work in the UK, is every bit as much a part of the recruitment process as ensuring the individual has the necessary qualifications.
Pre-recruitment checks are not something that a business can risk over looking and it is essential that appropriate records are kept as the only defence employers have is the production of adequate records and these are legally prescribed.

Fines are imposed on companies regardless of if they are aware that their employees are illegal workers and apparently recent figures published by the Home Office demonstrate that an alarming number of small businesses are being targeted.

These fines are meant to be punitive and can be a £10,000 on the spot fine, for unknowingly employing each illegal worker!

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