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Dishonest CVs on the increase

The CIPD have discovered that 33% of British workers admit to lying on their CV, and 20% gets a parent or friend to pose as a referee; at Simple Hr we are sure that this is the tip of the iceberg.

This can have a significant financial impact on your business, and the NHS have been focussing on this fraud with startling results.

· Kerrie Devine, claimed that she had a degree in Human Resource Management and said she was part way through a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development course when she applied for a promotion at Devon primary care trust (PCT) in 200. She was convicted of making six counts of fraud and sentenced to six-month suspended sentence, £9,600 compensation and 150 hours of unpaid community service.

· Lee Whitehead, a former director of planning and service modernisation at NHS Stoke on Trent, who was sentenced to 12 weeks’ imprisonment for adding false psychology qualifications to his CV.

· Hasan Tahsin, former head of estates and capital projects at Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust, made fraudulent claims about his qualifications and memberships of professional bodies when he applied to several posts at five NHS trusts between March 2004 and March 2009. He received a 12 month suspended sentence and 200 Hours of unpaid community service.

· Finally Rhiannon Mackay was jailed for 6 months for forging references and lying on her CV.

The whole selection process can improve the chance of detecting such fraud when managed professionally, so the next time someone tells you that they can decide if the person is right within 5 minutes of meeting the, reflect on this article!

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