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Long hours at work increases risk of heart attacks

Personnel Today has published a report from The European Heart Journal which shows that people who frequently work between 10 to 12 hour days increase their risk of a heart attack by two-thirds. Their research also found a link with those working 3 to 4 hours overtime per day have a 60% higher risk of heart attack.

The research sites the increased link may be attributed to employees having less time to rest and relax. It is also felt that the increased link is caused by greater stress from working long hours.  A BBC report has also found that employees working long hours are less likely to take time off when they are ill.

Dr John Challenor, of the Society of Occupational Medicine, said: “In many ways, it confirms what we as
occupational health doctors already know – that work-life balance plays a vital role in wellbeing. Employers and
patients need to be aware of all the risk factors for coronary heart disease and should consider overtime as one
factor that may lead to a number of medical conditions.”

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