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Flexible working is the most valued benefit for UK employees


Flexible working is the most valued benefit for UK employees, and comes ahead of material perks such as bonuses, research revealed today.

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey of 1,167 workers, found that 47% rated flexible working arrangements as the most important benefit above performance-related bonuses, which came second at 19%.

Flexible working was given fairly equal priority by men and women, with 41% and 54% respectively ranking this benefit the most valuable.

Moreover, a better work-life balance was seen as more achievable in the long term by 42% respondents than vastly increased responsibility and salary (39%).

Flexible working can benefit employers as well as being the most valued benefit; once the needs of the organisation are met, especially in terms of core working hours, flexible working only requires imagination and planning.

So why don’t we all work flexibly, in our experience there is three main concerns:

  • it will set a precedent
  •  it will badly effect the individuals ability to do their job
  • customers expect us to be available when they are

However, as each case has to stand on it’s individual merits there is no concern about precedent, as for effecting individual performance, it is the most valued benefit and most customers would rather deal with an engaged and motivated person.

At Simple HR we encourage our clients to consider the facts with an aim to say yes if they can, there are procedures that must be followed when certain requests are made, with legal risk if not complied with. If you have received a request for flexible working and you are unsure of either the process or how to manage a trial period contact

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