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Recession means employers are getting tougher on poor timekeeping

Personnel Today published a report showing that the recession is causing companies to be tougher with their employees.  The survey shows that one in six employers are now prepared to dismiss an employee for being late on just two or three occasions. 

The survey conducted on behalf of online jobs site, also found that 12% of UK business leaders would dismiss an employee for being late three or four times. Additionally, it shows that 39% of employers are now paying more attention to employees’ timekeeping than before the recession.

However, 46% of UK employers feel that as long as employees complete their work on time and to a good quality, they didn’t care if their employees are running late.

Explanations for late arrivals were varied, including cats stuck in cat flaps, bank robberies and houses on fire.

At Simple HR we are here to help you manage any timekeeping issues you may have with your employees.  We would always encourage you to discuss any timekeeping issues with your employees as they occur to help you manage the situation and mitigate any future issues.  For further advice or to discuss any concerns please

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