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Holiday Season

We are well and truly into the holiday period and we are dealing with a Tsunami of enquiries from our clients about holidays.  Ranging from late holidays, conflicts between people wanting the same date, people wanting to move or cancel holidays and people that are not able to take their holidays due to ill health. This can cause frustration, management overhead and distract you from growing your business

It never rains but it pours!

Holidays are important to people, their 2 weeks away mean so much and if they are messed up it usually affects their whole life and especially work.

Our advice is;

Rule1 – say yes if you can and explain why a no has to be a no.

Rule2 – if you have rules for booking holidays follow them (see rule 1); If you don’t agree the rules and implement a fair and equitable system.

Rule3 – plan ahead and keep to the plan; many businesses have commercial cycles and holidays must be taken to fit the business need.

Refreshed and recharged your employees will be more productive, make less mistakes and generally be in a better mood.

(NB do keep a track of holidays – it is so easy to loose count and confidence and tempers can be stretched)

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