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Abolishment of statutory retirement age

So what is all this about the abolition of the statutory retirement age?

Well at the moment this is a proposal and the likelihood is that there will be a transition period and I think that they will abolish compulsory retirement age – which is great news for individuals, organisations and the economy.

However if “senior moments” make doing the job impossible and one can objectively justify a compulsory retirement age then by using “employer justified retirement ages” (EJRA’s) and if the employer can show that this reasonable and needed to operate their business then a contractual EJRA could be OK.

At Simple HR we favour an individual approach enabled by open communication; we have found that a persons age is rarely a factor in how they can do their job and a retirement cliff edge is not good for the organisation or the individual.

(NB – Remember redundancy is technically a dismissal and to be fair you must follow the correct process)

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