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Creative Rewards

Creative Rewards

In these times of the great recession employers should recognise staff by using creative non-cash rewards.

These can be a meaningful way of rewarding staff without compromising your budget. The important message to employers is that although non-cash rewards are not a substitute for pay they can provide significant acknowledgment of work well done.

According to Michael Rose, director of Rewards Consulting and former Vice President Reward for the CIPD, “It’s the message that is important here. By recognising best practice or staff behaviours that benefit the organisation with a non-cash reward, like a bottle of champagne, chocolates, or an extra day off work, you are reinforcing the great work that people do. You can let your imagination go. But the critical thing is it does not have to be high value.”

By recognising staff behaviours you are emphasising the great work that people do and reinforcing positive behaviour.

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