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Workplace Stress

Workplace stress can be a significant issue for employers, however there is such a thing as good stress. Poorly managed can hurt employees, diminish profits, lower efficiency; well managed it can drive performance and help people do fabulous work. 

Poorly managed stress is the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK? Statistics show that over 100 million days are lost to stress each year, they estimate that this costs UK employers over £1billion each year.  

By actively managing stress in your workplace you can significantly improve working conditions for your staff, this in turn will reduce absenteeism and increase your profitably.  

Legally as an employer you must take care of your employee’s health and safety at work, this includes their mental well being. You can do this by improving communication, clearly defining employee’s roles and responsibilities and acting on any warning signs. 

At Simple HR we can provide a range of solutions to help manage stress in the workplace, to discuss this or any aspect of this article, please contact Simple HR today.

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