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No business like snow business

It is that time of year again and we are being inundated with requests
for advice on how best to deal with bad weather and its impact on business.

By law, if your business is open then employees are obliged to attend
work unless they are on holiday, have a contractual agreement, off sick or on
maternity/paternity leave. This means that your staff are not automatically
entitled to pay if they cannot attend work.

However we suggest that you come to an arrangement with your employees
that you are both happy with; this could include working from home, taking a
holiday or making up time at a later date.

If employees have childcare problems due to school closures they are
entitled to take unpaid leave at short notice as this is considered an

If staff believe it is unsafe to travel then this could be viewed as an
unpaid but authorised absence. You cannot as an employer force your staff to
attempt the journey in adverse weather.

As an employee you must remember your responsibility to your staff is
unaffected by weather and you must ensure where possible that you provide a
safe environment to work.

It is important to balance the needs and expectations of both the
business and its employees. For more advice please contact us at

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