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Anonymous CV’s

Over 100 major businesses have signed up to Nick Cleggs initiative that includes several proposals to help employers avoid discriminating against potential employees.

The idea behind this proposal includes advertising to people of different backgrounds online and in schools instead of using “old school networks”.

While this sounds like a good idea and any proposal that aims to stamp out discrimination must be seen as a good thing, can this work in practise?

The first part of the proposal supports application forms that do not show the candidate’s name or education details. The idea is that this will avoid any discrimination during the recruitment process.

At Simple HR we think that a simple redaction of application forms and CV’s is unlikely to stop discrimination and could waste candidate’s time. This initiative piggy backed on the topic of fair treatment of interns in large organisations; if you are hiring a line manager “guesses” for age could come from career experience and quite frankly taking the name off sounds impractical in most circumstance.

We can help you through the discrimination minefield by supporting you all the way through the recruitment process from beginning to end. We will ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and honestly whilst ensuring that you have access to the best candidates available for the role.

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