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Difficult Conversations

We can Work it out…

Ever been in the unfortunate position of tackling the “difficult conversation” with an employee? The sweaty palms and the uncontrollable tick under your left eye start as soon as they walk in the room.

Difficult conversations have to happen so that you can retain harmony and productivity of your workplace. Issues that are left to fester will become unmanageable.

 How you approach the employee can fan the flames or calm the situation. You must remember it is not about who is right or wrong, it is about agreement on the right way forward.

You must remain composed at all times and listen, let them speak first; don’t make assumptions about how they are feeling, ask them. Explain how the situation is affecting other employees or the business, be factual.

Establish what you both want and what will help you both move forward in a constructive manner.

Remember, difficult conversations are a chance for you to turn something unconstructive into something encouraging.

At Simple HR we believe that your employees will work best if you are fair and consistent, trust and honesty are crucial. If you would like to attend our management academy session, taking the stress out of difficult conversations, contact us at .

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