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How safe are you?

Social Media sites open several doors for employers; with over 300 million Facebook users alone, you now have a massive audience that you can tap into.

 Taking your time to draw up a proper strategy will stand you in good stead to build your company brand, attract future employees and engage customers.

Many companies are now using social media to advertise their company and products. Have you thought about what you or your employees are posting and how your company is then portrayed? As a company you have to be aware of your brand reputation.

Clear guidelines should be in place and you should all be in agreement about the content you want to appear on these media sites. Have a clear marketing strategy, think about a brand style and stick to it.

Not only is there the risk of your brand being sullied, there is also a genuine security risk. A case recently showed an online hacker was able to access a users email accounts by using the basic information given on their Facebook profile to figure out the answers to their security questions.  Do any of your social sites give away too much information?

We have security alarms and locked doors to protect our offices but what about our records? Most companies nowadays store all their information on computer; do your employees understand firewalls, the importance of “proper” passwords and not passing on pertinent information? Ensure they are following best practise guidelines by offering training and have proper policies in place.  

If you use the SimpleHR handbook, you have already got this covered; if this is a topic that interests you please contact us at

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