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Are we still engaged?

The ongoing economic crisis is weighing heavily on employees of all organisations. Research shows that staff are working longer hours and in real terms for less pay; they are feeling pressurised to work when they are unwell and stress related illnesses are on the increase.

All these things can negatively impact on a business’ performance and should raise concerns but unfortunately some employers do not seem to be proactive in their approach to this and employees seem to have accepted this as a normal way of working life.

Organisations seem to be cutting back expenditure on engagement initiatives when in reality this may be money well spent.

Employers are always concerned about the outcome of an employee engagement survey but how can you know what your staff are thinking if you don’t ask them? Done properly employee engagement survey can add value but only if you interpret the results correctly.

Don’t fear what you might hear instead embrace the feedback and listen to your staff’s opinions. People feel valued when someone takes the time to listen to what they have to say. Utilise the information to get the best from your employees.

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