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How to get employees off long term sick leave

On average the cost of absence per employee is £692 a year.  This means that absence management is a top priority for most employers otherwise this can become a real drain on your business.

At Simple HR we have a wealth of experience in managing absenteeism for our clients and here we explain our tried and tested steps for success:

Managing a return to work for an employee off on long term absence is more effective than hiring a new employee, therefore if you manage attendance you are likely to save money and improve effectiveness.

You must always keep in mind that the employee will feel stressed by their absence and unless there is evidence to the contrary, you need to ensure that the support you provide is given in a sympathetic manner. It is how you approach their return to work that is important.

Good communication and early intervention is the key. It is important to find out what they need to return to work including staggered working hours. You must maintain regular contact with the employee on their return and have an agreed work plan.

They need to feel that there is an open dialogue and that you are willing to put things in place to support them, so be flexible.

A proper absence management policy can help employers manage absenteeism whilst looking after the health and well being of their employees.

At Simple HR we have a wealth of experience in managing absenteeism as well as cultivating effectiveness in your business, contact us today at

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