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The Opposite Side of the Coin

Absence Management is always high on an employer’s agenda but what about the other side of the coin? Today’s society is struggling in the work place, redundancies seem to be common place, bonuses are few and far between and everyone wants to become indispensable. But to what cost?

Presenteeism is when employees come to work when they are actually unwell. This can actually have a stronger impact than absenteeism but are you as an employer aware of this? Some employers feel that unless an employee is in the workplace come rain, hail or shine then they are not committed to the company. But actually this can have the opposite effect on your business!

Employees who come to work while they are ill are unable to perform to their best ability; this reduces productivity in the workplace and therefore has a negative effect on your business.

Presenteeism can also cause higher levels of stress as the employee is putting them self under so much pressure, this in turn could result in long periods of absenteeism as they become increasingly unable to work. This will be an extra burden on your workplace and it is also expensive, there is the cost of hiring further staff or training new staff.

To have a successful and productive work place you need healthy employees. Encourage them to take their lunch hour and go home at a reasonable hour. Staff members who work a 12 hour day are not necessarily more productive than someone who works a 7 hour day, nor does it mean that the latter are less committed.

Striking the “work-life balance” should be an attainable goal and as an employer you can help your team achieve this by offering more flexibility. Instead of being a drain on your business this could help reduce staff turnover and in return increase your profit margin.

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