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Women in the Workplace

If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot! Gloria Steinem 

All this talk in the news about female bosses, women on the board and in senior management roles… are we really still living in these dark ages?

It is a difficult world for a woman, it doesn’t seem to matter how we play it, sometimes it feel that we are still not doing it right!

Stay at home, bring up the kids and you will be seen as a fantastic mother or a real bind on the tax payer! Go to work; end up on the board of directors and in the top ten lists of worse mothers in the world!

This may be a slight exaggeration but it can feel as if we are being pulled from pillar to post. We need to find the happy medium or so called work-life balance, but can we find this without the guilt? Yes, I think we can.

Women who work part time are more committed to the role and completing their work as they have to be very skilled at managing deadlines. Kids need to be collected from school so they must leave on time; this requires great organisation and most of these women are superb at multi-tasking.

The amount of hours we spend at work are actually irrelevant, it is what we achieve in these hours that is important.

The current economic climate means that great staff are imperative to the success of your business. Women tend to have a natural empathy and social conscience; this blended with good business sense could give your business a fantastic leader.

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