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You’ve been flamed!

Personal attacks are common place now that the internet has opened up a huge can of worms, trojans, rogues, trolls… the list is endless. Being flamed is the fancy name given to abusive internet attacks. There are even websites set up so these so called flamers can let loose their rage in their own environment.

You can be flamed by anyone who can find you on the internet  but what if one of your employee’s receive an abusive comment from someone inside your workplace. Whatever name we want to give it, email abuse can be a degrading and upsetting ordeal for those on the receiving end.

Our first reaction to upsetting or abusive emails is defence, but responding quickly and in anger will not resolve the situation but only fan the fire, this is the response Trolls like and thrive on.

Employers have a duty of care to protect their employees, including internet harassment. If you are asking your colleagues to blog or manage the company’s internet presence, be prepared!

The best advice is to complain to the moderator or block the troll.

However, there are people who are only looking to aggravate and are not interested in a discussion. If this is the case it is best not to respond to such an attack but to tackle the flamer individually.

Good working relationships can increase productivity and improve your business, for more information please contact us at

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