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Are you listening?

With so much going on in the economy and many businesses making drastic changes to ensure that they stay afloat is it any wonder that the CIPD claim that employee’s voice is not being heard?

Senior Management are concentrating on increasing profit and reducing costs, this means that staff surveys, team meetings and lunches are all seen as time consuming tasks that can be pushed aside.

What is the cost though? Continue to ignore their voice and morale will be low, absence levels higher and a lack of staff commitment.  Involving your employees will improve employee engagement and boost morale. This will then improve productivity, reduce absence and increase profit.

Engaged staff are committed and want to make a difference; giving an employee a voice gives them a sense of pride and achievement. If employees have to cope with changes to their working environment without discussion, this can cause a sense of lack of control which can in turn cause a loss of trust and respect for their co-workers and management. 

However, you can turn this around and by listening to your employees you can give them the incentive to work hard and make a difference. A more committed working place will forge better working relationships and this can only be a good thing for your business.

Money may be difficult to find in these difficult climes but a good ear costs nothing but time and consideration and could give a significant return.

We would love to hear your success stories and suggestions and for more information on employee engagement, please contact 

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