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Reactive Suspensions

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Nowadays many employers suspend staff whilst there is an enquiry into their conduct. Is this a fair approach?

What happens once the employee is cleared of all “charges”? Are they able to come back to work with a clean slate or will there be a bad taste left in their mouth!

What about your other employees, are they able to forgive and forget. After all the employee has been declared innocent but do suspicions remain?

Dependant on the “charge” maybe suspension should not be your first reaction? Treating all staff fairly and consistently should be your aim.  Handled badly you could find yourself on trial at an employment tribunal which can be costly and time consuming.

There are questions that need to be asked before suspending any employee; what is the effect of them staying in the workplace? Can they work from home until the matter is resolved?

What about the employee, are they a known trouble maker with a long disciplinary history? Or is this a first offence or out of character? Maybe talking to the employee(s) involved could solve the matter without the need for disciplinary action.

Trust and honestly are crucial in your working relationships, so why not ask and listen, you may find there is a better solution.

For more information on disciplinary matters or tough conversations contact us at check out our blog for similar articles.

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