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Can Flexible Hours Help Your Business Succeed?


Flexibility in the workplace still seems to be top of the employee desirables list, along with the company car!

So why are so many businesses scared to offer flexible working hours? It appears the Management Team’s main fears are setting a precedent and a reduction in performance .

However, at Simple HR we look at the benefits of flexibility for your team:

Better work-life balance can improve your employee’s performance and increase their engagement

Provide better all round availability to your customers due to the flexible hours

Flexible working requests are seen on an individual basis, so there should be no concerns with setting a precedent.

The appeal of flexible working is so great for employees that we have no doubt this will actually increase their motivation and performance.
This could provide your team the “work-life” balance everyone is so desperately trying to find, especially in these difficult climes.

Also, your customers expect you to be available when they are, providing flexible hours to your team means that you could provide an almost all round service. This will give your customers the confidence that you will be there when they need you.

If you have concerns about flexible working requests and how to deal with them, please contact us at

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