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Mental Health – Are You Aware?

Has the economic climate had an effect on our mental health?

Longer hours

Money worries

Threat of redundancy or  Unemployment

All  these things can take a toll on your employees and in turn will affect your business.

Did you know that as an employer you have a duty of care as set out in both Statutory and Common Law?

It is your duty to take reasonable steps to identify risk; to prevent foreseeable harm; to consider any impairment (including mental) that has a substantial effect on their working ability; to consult with your employees on health and safety matters.

However, it should not just be seen as a legal obligation, keeping your employees mentally healthy can benefit your business in many ways.

Managing workplace stress can seriously reduce the cost of absenteeism, this includes sick pay and also any overtime costs for the other members of your team.

Reducing absenteeism can also have a positive effect on team morale, the effect of absenteeism on other team members can be damaging to working relationships and employee engagement.

It is imperative to be open and honest with your employees, keeping communication channels open will give your team a feeling of trust and that you are listening.

Managing absenteeism can help protect your reputation and save you from the financial costs of an employment tribunal.

For more advice on your legal obligations or help in managing absenteeism please give us a call or email us at

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