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5 Simple Steps to Engagement

5 tips on how to keep your team engaged:

Open, Fair and Consistent – At Simple HR we repeat this all the time. It is vitally important that you treat all staff fairly and consistently, otherwise you can build up a feeling of resentment between team members. Opening up to your team as much as you can avoids speculation and trepidation in the workplace.  Put a stop to Chinese whispers before they become damaging to you and your business.

Embrace Feedback – don’t be frightened to give your employees a voice, they may have something worth listening to. Why not try some engagement surveys to garner your team’s thoughts. Done correctly an engagement survey is a worthwhile exercise and can offer real value to your HR strategy.

Refine roles – Ensure everyone knows what their role is and what is expected of them. This seems obvious but it is surprising how many people are actually unsure of how they fit into the business and what their contribution should be.

Challenge the Team – some people may be happy doing the same role day in and out but everyone is different and you need to ensure that the more outgoing members of your team are challenged to keep them engaged in their role.

Reward success – not necessarily in monetary terms, this can be a simple thank you or a team lunch. The point of the reward is recognition of good work, for most people praise is enough to make them feel appreciated.

It is not rocket science and it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Treating people fairly and honestly will help ensure that your team stay engaged and your business productive!

If you want some more information on employee engagement or any other aspect of HR, why not give us a call or check out our other articles.

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