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Implementation of Flexible Working

There are various ways for you to introduce flexible working into your business; compressed working hours; flexitime; job sharing and many others. Once you have agreed the best form of flexible working for your business you need to look at implementation.

To implement any of these options you need to firstly ensure your Manager’s are on board. Flexible working can put strain on the Manager as they need to be able to manage their resources more carefully.  Discuss their concerns openly and honestly.

Objectives needs to be put in place for the employee and the manager, this ensures that they both understand what is expected of them.

Flexible working does not suit all employees, they need to be good self motivators and be able to use their initiative. Keep remote workers actively involved within the business, this will help improve productivity and ensure they remain part of the “team”.

Agree which jobs are suitable for flexible working, not all jobs will be suitable and careful consideration will be required to ensure that they can be managed successfully.

Review your flexible plan continually, it will continue to evolve and needs to be managed to ensure your business remains effective.

For more information on implementing a flexible working plan or keeping your business productive please give us a call at Simple HR.

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