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4 Simple Steps to Great Recruitment – Step 1 Advertising



Once you have agreed the positions you have available, the first step is to advertise your vacancy.

Always keep in mind you want to attract the best potential candidates for your business, think about where you are advertising the roles, don’t be vague and sell your business!

Include the name of your organisation; may seem obvious but you can use your business as a marketing tool especially if it is a well known business. If you’re a small organisation think about the kind of people who would apply to work for you – will they have heard of you? Include a link to your website and a short paragraph about your company. Even if they don’t apply it will increase traffic flow to your website and widen your network.

Think carefully about where you want to advertise; think about the kind of person you want to hire and where they would look for job adverts. If it is a specialist role maybe you should consider a recruitment specialist? This could save you time and money.

If you are considering working with recruitment agencies, ensure that you agree terms and conditions first. Offering exclusivity to an agency may reduce the cost but could also reduce the potential pool of candidates so think carefully before offering this.

Include any qualifications required in the advert; save your (and the candidates) time by making this clear. Always split your skill set into essential and desirable. This makes sifting CV’s much easier, saving you time.

Make it clear whether the position is full or part time; permanent or temporary. If it is part time include the suggested working hours.

Flexible working hours? If this is a possibility then advertise it! This is one of the most desirable benefits to employees and could help you attract great candidates.

Include an interview format, this will give the candidate an idea on how long the process will take place; it has also proved to shorten the process if you already have dates in mind. Get place holders in your calendar now!

Remember to include a closing date, 2 weeks is long enough; how, where and who to apply to.

Simple HR offers a recruitment partnership service, we can save you time and money, why not give us a call today.

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