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The Benefits of Flexible Working

So we have covered the whys, the challenges and the implementation… now what about the benefits to your business?

Offering flexitime can be a real incentive for job applicants, if your business offers a flexible working option this could be the deciding factor in their career decisions.

Reduced absenteeism; flexible working could reduce stress and absenteeism in your workplace. Employees are more able to balance their personal responsibilities and work requirements making their life less stressful.

Time Management can be improved as employees can use their flexitime to organise personal appointments or unexpected family crises.

Improved coverage for your customers, varied working hours mean that you are more able to accommodate different time zones.

Flexible working is proven to increase productivity; employees are better able to manage their personal life allowing them to concentrate on the business.

Increased employee engagement, employees that are managing their own workload have to practice self management and manage their own productivity, this gives a real sense of responsibility and trust.

If you would like us to help you implement a Flexible Working Schedule in your workplace or if you would like more information, please call us at Simple HR.

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