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Harassment in the Workplace

So yet another change to the Equality Act 2010; the Government have confirmed that they will remove employer’s liability for the harassment of their employees by third parties.

Sounds good, another burden removed from businesses, but who does it benefit?

The Law Society have claimed that under the existing laws the employer is not held responsible for the third-party harassment in itself, but for failing to act when it happens or for not taking steps to prevent it.

These provisions encourage best practise amongst employers which could lessen the possible occurrence of harassment in the workplace. Removing these provisions could leave employees vulnerable in what should be a safe environment.

At Simple HR we would encourage our employers to remain vigilant to any potential threat to their employees whether this is from a third party or from someone within the business.

Remember as an employer you do have a duty of care to look after your employees welfare.

For more information on the Equality Act or any other areas of UK Employment Law why not give us a call.

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