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Recruitment Part 4 – Contract and Induction


So you’ve got your man! The first thing you need to do is send them out a letter formally offering them the position and include their terms of employment for review.

You should ensure the contract covers all of these points.


When drawing up the contract pay particular attention to:

Job title, details of their reporting manager, office address and expected start date

Expectation of their behaviour e.g. conduct yourself in a professional manner

Note any probationary period details

Holiday specifications, this should include any public holidays

Working hours

Annual salary and any benefits, this may also include salary review details

Terms and conditions including absence, notice period, disciplinary and grievance procedures etc.

Keep in mind that the contract of employment is a legally binding document, check and double check!

Your new employee’s first impression of the company count! So make sure you have a good induction plan in place before they begin. It is a good idea to plan their first couple of weeks so they and you know what they are doing in their new environment.

Your induction plan should include:

Before they start; make sure they have a desk and all other necessary hardware/software available.

On the employees first day; ensure they are shown the facilities and fire exits, simple but often missed! Check they have any necessary documentation and are introduced to the relevant people. Try not to overwhelm them with introductions in the first day, best to stick to their direct team and managers. Click this over here now to make sure all other necessary arrangements are in place.

During first month; plan a follow up meeting to ensure they have settled in and don’t have any issues. Problems left to fester will only get bigger.

For more help or advice on any of the areas we have covered in our recruitment blog please give us a call or drop us an email.

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