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Selecting the Right Candidate for the Right Role

Part 3 of our Recruitment Blog – simple tips to ensure you choose the right candidate for the right role.

Review and Discuss; review the positives & more importantly the negatives of each candidate, ensure you include the “right” people in the wash up i.e. the manager/team leader of the team. These are the people that will be working directly with the candidate and know what is involved in the role.

Make sure you familiarise with the candidates who come for interview; if you forget someone as soon as they leave they probably aren’t right for you and, more importantly, your company.

Stick to a strict list of hiring criteria; these are the requirements of the role, if the candidate does not meet the essential criteria then they won’t be able to do the job, don’t get side tracked by other skills. You can always review them at a later date if you feel they could be suitable for another role in your business.

Take your time; make sure you don’t rush, don’t make a rash decision because you’re desperate for a position to be filled. Employing someone who turns out to be unsuitable will cost you more time and money in the long term than waiting for the right employee.

Set a score to benchmark the skills you are looking for and judge each candidate against this; think about everything your perfect candidate would have and match each candidate to the ‘ideal fit’.

Check references thoroughly; make sure you’re clued up on the candidates to avoid nasty surprises later.

Don’t hire someone for the wrong job, make sure the candidate with thrive in the position; you may really like a candidate but don’t hire them just because you like them. Think about what they can do and how they will perform in the job you’re recruiting for.

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