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Monitoring Social Media in Your Business

Facebook now has 1 billion users, twitter has 500 million users and YouTube receives 4 billion views a day so chances our most, if not all of your employees will have at least one of these accounts.

Due to smartphones it’s becoming easier to quickly check your Facebook timeline or send a quick tweet during working hours. This could be managed (e.g. encourage employees to only use phones during breaks) however, when employees start to use the company’s internet and time to scroll through their social media pages at leisure it begins to become more of a problem.

One option is to block these sites on the server. This may affect staff morale as it does appear as if you can’t trust them. Also it is difficult to enforce as you cannot block access on their mobile devices.

A good way to handle a situation such as this is to implement a social media policy.  You need to be realistic when writing a social media policy, remember most employees will not abuse the system, trust and check is important, there will always be a minority of people who will do  something silly and they need to be managed accordingly. A blanket ban will not solve this issue but instead could have a negative effect on employee engagement.

Whatever you decide to do, communication is key. Make sure your employees understand the impact of abusing your trust. To them, sending a couple of tweets a day or a Facebook status is not a big deal. However, when your company has 150 employees and each person spends 10 minutes a day on social media websites, that’s 25 hours of wasted company time a day.

It is important that they understand the impact a thoughtless tweet or remark could have on your business. The effect on your brand and reputation can be difficult to repair, having standard guidelines can protect your employees and your business.

At Simple HR we have a Social Networking Guide available to all our clients, why not give us a call

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