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Why use Social Media in your Business?

Most of us use social media; whether you use Facebook to stay in touch with friends, Twitter to follow your favourite celebs or LinkedIn to keep up to date with your colleagues. However, are you missing out on the potential to meet new clients or work with some exciting people simply because you aren’t aware of how social media can help your brand.

It has been proven that social media has a direct link to your search engine ranking so by just tweeting once a day or blogging once a week your business can move up the Google rankings. Moving up Google rankings means your potential clients will find you on page 1!

You have to make sure you stay professional. Many people think, because they are on twitter, they can use the business account to tweet views on the daily news, their views may not be in line with your company’s views; you have to keep it in line with your brand.  However, if something that relates to your company is trending high on twitter take full advantage and use the hash tag in  your tweet. (e.g. if ‘#HappyChristmas’ is trending and you stock gift items use this to promote your business).

Try and stick to a theme when blogging (e.g. always use similar style pictures). If you have one or more people blogging for you make sure they are aware of how you want articles to look. If one person writes quite formally and another is more colloquial that won’t reflect well on your business. Stick to your brand. 

Social media can also play a part in recruitment, so when it comes to advertising a position it’s savvy to advertise on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.  There are many options for job advertising, you can pay for an advert or choose to tweet links back to the job advert on  your website for free. You must remember though that not only are you advertising a vacancy you are advertising your business, so sell it well and keep to your “theme”.

Watch out for next week’s blog all about monitoring Social Media in the Workplace.

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