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Christmas Party Policy

At Simple HR while we want you to enjoy the festivities we want to remind you that unfortunately things can go very wrong!

CPM (Christmas Party Madness) is contagious and it can make for a very busy time for you and us at Simple HR. Warnings and disciplinary hearings do not go down as well as a Christmas bonus.

New research shows almost a third of employees have been on the receiving end of unwelcome advances from a co-worker at the office Christmas party; half of parties end up in a fight; and a fifth of parties end up with an employee being involved in an accident.

Follow our simple tips to ensure the only surprise you get is the one in your cracker.

 Christmas party nights are an extension of work time, therefore all employer rules still apply.

 If you supply alcohol at a Christmas night out you can be seen to be responsible for any potential problems. Boozy nights can go rapidly downhill with the possibility of accidents and other perils.

In your policy include your expectation of your employees during and post party. Establishing unacceptable behaviour and reminding people that irresponsible behaviour will have consequences.

If you want to provide alcohol, think about limiting the amount you provide, vouchers etc can be a good idea. Remember the alcohol impact on your tax bill as well as your employee’s health.

The romantic encounter that might seem a good idea at the time can prove embarrassing the next day; a reminder of this in the policy is a good idea.

Providing details of transport can also prove to be sensible and shows you have taken reasonable precaution against drink driving.

Remember receiving Christmas gifts from your clients is always nice but there may be tax or NI implications.

Although Christmas is becoming increasingly secular, you do need to be mindful of our colleagues that may not want to join in or require small changes to enjoy themselves.

 We all want everyone to enjoy themselves and we know party planning can be tedious but expecting the best and planning for the worst is in your best interests.

Give us a call if you would like a full copy of our party policy.


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