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Getting the Balance Right?

Smart phones, iPads, blackberry’s and the rest… all great technologies that allow us to stay in touch with friends and loved ones… and work!

What does it mean for our worklife balance, well nothing if you have the discipline to keep it switched off.

However, if something major is going on in the business it would do no harm just to check your email, would it? So onto the email account you go, 135 unopened emails, just a quick run through then to make sure there is nothing urgent? It’ll only take you ten minutes after all…

Then there is that simple email request that will only take you a few minutes to answer, then a quick meeting response, before you know it an hour has passed and your kids have painted the walls!

We all want staff that are committed to the business but not at the expense of their home life or even worse their health. If employees are unable to switch off at home this can ultimately result in stress related illnesses.

As an employer it is your responsibility to ensure that you set guidelines for home working and keep an open door for your employees who may feel overloaded.

It is far easier to manage this situation before it becomes a problem. Communication and good management are key.

For more advice on this area and any other area of employee care why not give us a call or pop in and see us, our door is always open!

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