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Employee “Burnout”

Employee burnout is rapidly becoming an issue for employers as 30% of those surveyed said that it is a common problem in their organisations. Excessive workloads are cited as the main reason for employee burnout which could result in increased time off, repeated lateness and a reduction in productivity.

Some said causes of employee burnout are: excessively long hours and being set (or setting themselves) deadlines and expectations they simply cannot meet.

If you think one (or more) of your employees may be showing warning signs of employee burnout, look for the warning signs:

Repeated lateness
Increased sick leave
Overly Emotional
Decreased productivity

Ensure your employees feel able to communicate their concerns to you, keep an open door policy and address issues as and when you see them. Managing their anxiety in the beginning will be far more effective and less time consuming than waiting until they are signed off sick.

If you are worried about your employee burnout or excessive absenteeism and need advice, give us call or send us an email.

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