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Perks that suit the SME






Good things come in small packages, as an SME you might not think you can offer your employees the perks that other larger companies may have but why not take a look outside the box?

A healthy, engaged workforce is more productive in terms of efficiency, recruitment and retention.  

We have listed some simple perks that even the smallest business can provide to give their employees that much needed boost:

 Team Lunch – food is always good! Eating together as a team is a great way to encourage your employees to socialise and take a proper break. This leaves them fresh for the afternoon shift!

 Coffee Breaks – why not encourage your team to take their meetings to the coffee bar! Being away from ringing phones and office noise allows your employees to clear their heads and generate some new ideas.

 Dog Friendly – At Simple HR, nearly all of us own a dog and it’s a real perk to be able to bring the dog to the office. It’s nice to know that your pet has some company for the day and it can be a real money saver if employees are normally forking out for a dog walker. Remember to check out your small print though and ensure your building allows pets. Also those of the chewing variety should be kept under strict control!

 Fresh Air – meetings don’t always have to be held indoors, why not take a walk, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle this can give a real brain boost.

 In-house Massage – Employee engagement doesn’t have to be expensive; a clear and consistent approach to your employee’s well-being will ensure your company reaps the benefits. Many masseurs will come in and hold a massage day at a cheaper corporate rate. This has proved to be a real winner with many of our local companies and something we are considering here at Simple HR.

Relieving stress in the workplace can only be a good thing for reducing stress related absences and is proven to increase productivity.


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