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We have prepared a guidance and support package. This offers you all the advice and support you need to deal with the ongoing outbreak in the workplace. You don’t need to worry about keeping up to date with any changes issu...


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Why small businesses need HR support






We know from experience that small businesses have worked really hard to get where you are today. However, managing people can be tricky.

Even though your business may be small it will still require HR Support. Whether it is recruitment, disciplinary, training or performance management; handling your employees’ needs can be tricky and time consuming.

However, you may not have room in your organisation to hire a full time (or even part time) HR advisor. Also, many of the big HR consultancies are expensive as they cater for much larger businesses.

That’s where Simple HR can help you! We have added a new HR package developed exclusively for small businesses. For £22 a week we offer you access to a chartered HR professional and unlimited telephone and email support. This is called HR SBS (HR Small Business Support).

If you want to find out more contact us here.

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