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Simple HR Team Retreat

This week at Simple HR we took a day to go back to basics. We got out of the office, took a flipchart and some pens, to work out what makes us tick as a business.

Day to day things can get hectic and we think it’s really important to make the time to come together as a team to re-group and breathe.

On our team day we spent the morning discussing what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it. We also focused on each team member; talking through their current duties and how they want to progress in their role.

Afterwards, we went out for a team lunch. This was great as it gave us time to decompress and think about what we talked about. It allowed us to spend the quality time we need together to make us stronger as a team away from work pressures.

We had a great day and feel all companies should have a team retreat at least once a year. It encourages good relationships between your staff and ensures everybody is on the same page when it comes to your business.

If you would like some advice about how to manage your team day contact us.


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