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Small Businesses are now exempt from certain Red Tape Regulations






In business it’s important to spend more time working and developing your product and less time worrying about new red tape regulations. This is especially true when these regulations could have potential repercussions. They are aimed at large organisations and, as a SME, you could get swept along in the rush and find yourself in a mess of unfair payments that have massive effects on your business.

At last the government has announced that the freeze from fresh red tape regulations will be expanded. Previously it was only businesses with less than 10 employees, now this will include SME’s with up to 50 staff.

This freeze will apply where there is any evidence that a SME will have a disproportionate burden, due to a new regulation, that could impede its growth. If the regulation is essential, SME’s will be given extra time to comply.

This is excellent news for SME’s. The government is starting to recognise that all businesses can’t be treated the same and the burdens that are placed on the shoulders of SME’s have to be lifted to allow them to find their place in the economy.

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