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Zero Hours Contracts – Are They Unfair?






The Government has agreed to review the use of zero hours contracts as recent figures have shown their use has grown significantly over the past year.

A zero hour contract allows employers to offer employment without a guaranteed minimum number of hours or pay. Many of the unions are up in arms as they feel this leaves employees without the security of permanent or regular work.

However, we believe used correctly this type of contract can work really well for your business and for certain employees. For example students, this can give them the opportunity of work experience and money in their pocket but still keeping up with their studies.

The employment market is a difficult place for graduates these days. To gain employment they need to show that they stand out from the rest. Having good work experience on their CV will stand them in good stead as it shows willingness to work and it has given them the chance to understand the working environment.

Many businesses have defended these contracts as this allows them to employ people who would otherwise be out of work, this also makes workplace planning more flexible. This can allow your business to cope with peaks in demand.

At Simple HR, we advise companies who employ staff on this type of contract that as long as they are treated fairly and honestly this can work for both the employee and employer. Good communication is key to ensure that you both get the best from your working relationship.

For more information on employment contracts or other recruitment matters please give us a call today.

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