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Work Life Balance

Providing your employees with the elusive work life balance whilst also ensuring the smooth running of your business is not easy. Flexible working is one of the ways you can help your employees get that balance and is also a great perk to offer to your existing and prospective employees.

There are various options to flexible working; compressed working hours; flexitime; job sharing and many others. You need to look at the options which suit your business and employees needs.

Here is our simple guide to the things you need to know about flexibility in your business:

Legalities: You have a legal obligation to consider all flexible working applications. You can decline a request if your business is unable to support the request. You should always implement flexible working arrangements on a trial basis with the understanding that there may be a return to previous arrangements if required.

Implementation: Discuss the options with the Manager, flexible working can put a strain on the managers as they need to manage resource. Ensure they have a forum to discuss their concerns openly and honestly.

Objectives needs to be put in place for the employee and the manager, this ensures that they both understand what is expected of them. The key to success here is about communication and clearly setting out your expectations around what work needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

Remember flexible working will not suit all employees. To work from home or within restricted time scales requires good self motivators and an ability to work autonomously. Remember if you have remote workers to keep them actively involved within the business, they need to still feel part of the team.

Review the roles within your business, not all of them will be suitable for flexible working. Review your flexible plan continually, it will continue to evolve and needs to be managed to ensure your business remains effective.

Next week we will review the challenges that flexible working may bring to your business but also the benefits that may offset those challenges. In the meantime if you would like some advice on flexible working for your business please get in touch.

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