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Employing outside the EU – Pro’s and Con’s

Although the paperwork may put you off looking outside the EU for employees there are advantages:

Specialist skill sets e.g. technical or linguistic that may not be available in the UK

Employment of workers for jobs on the shortage occupation list

Diversity in your business

Intra company transfer, for example if you are looking to expand your business globally

However employing from outside the EU can be costly and time-consuming, this is not a one-off and you will have to audit your employee’s regularly.

The initial cost of the Employers Sponsor License varies depending on your company size, it ranges between £0 to £25,000. This fee is charged on receipt of your application and will not be refunded if you withdraw or if you fail in your application.

Under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 you are responsible for carrying out document checks before employing any employee from outside the EU. However, we recommend that you carry out checks on all your employees before they start working for you to ensure you avoid discrimination.

You are also responsible for checking whether these documents are for a limited period of time and responsible for following these up. For example if a document is due to expire within 12 months then you should repeat your checks to ensure they have updated documentation that allows them to continue working in the UK.

For more information check out the Home Office site, this will give you helpful links and more detailed information about employing workers from outside the EU.

It is worth considering all aspect of the vacancy and ensuring that you get the right person for the job whilst minimising the risk and cost to your business.

If you require more information why not give us a call.

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