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Global Expansion

 Looking at expanding your business globally? Will you be employing existing residents of the country or are you looking to transfer your existing UK employees?

Depending on how and where you are looking to expand your business globally you need to ensure that your workers comply with the relevant immigration laws. Remember this is your responsibility and you could face criminal prosecution if you do not complete and audit the correct paperwork.

As well as the various trading restrictions, tax and VAT implications you need to look out for your employees. You may decide to transfer UK employees to the non-EU country to help set up the new business. Before you do this you are best to check with the relevant embassy for immigration advice.

If you are employing an existing resident of the country you must still check their paperwork. If there is a time limit you are also responsible for auditing the paperwork when necessary to ensure they have applied for an extension if applicable.

Not only do you need to consider the work permit of your employee, you must ensure they understand the laws and customs of their new home. Many countries have local traditions, customs and religions that should be respected at all times.

Assist your employee by providing them with as much information as possible about the country. Ensure that they have your full support to help keep the transition as smooth as possible for your business and your employee.

For more advice on how to support your global workers why not give us a call today or pop in to see one of our HR advisors.

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