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Appraisal Follow Up

So you have completed the appraisal, what next? Do you just file in it a drawer? Unfortunately too many managers do just that! To help develop an employee and improve your team you must record the meeting and especially the action points agreed. Make sure you present the notes and agreed action points to the appraisee for them to check and sign off.

Each action point should have an expected completion date, this helps keep you and the employee on track. Remember if the employee’s performance has been poor and it is important that they make a marked and measurable improvement, you may want to meet with them sooner and more frequently to help them meet their targets.

Again communication is key; make sure they are given plenty of notice to allow them, and you, to adequately prepare for each follow up meeting.

Even if there is not a performance issue make sure you do follow up with the employee. Set targets for each of their development steps and make sure that if there is training to be arranged that you follow this through. There is nothing more demoralising for an employee to find that you have made empty promises.

Remember training and development of employees is in your company’s best interests. This can increase retention rates, improve productivity and save you money!

If you conduct a proper appraisal and follow up properly; you can motivate your staff, help them understand the company’s goals and expectations and help employees develop into professionals who can take your business into the future.

If you want to find out more about appraisals we have a team of HR professionals who are happy to help. Why not give us a call to book an appointment today.

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