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Managing Attendance during the Winter Period






We’ve all had those mornings when you wake up, it’s cold outside and you have a serious lack of motivation. However, we get up and make our way into the office. Unfortunately sometimes not everyone makes it through the office door, so how do you make sure that your employee isn’t taking a sneaky duvet day or Christmas shopping trip?

Sometimes you have to rely on experience and gut feeling. Look for patterns of absence, if, around the same time every year an employee is regularly absent from work you must have an honest conversation with the individual.

Ensure you are prepared and ensure you have previous return to work interviews to refer to. Firstly, ask them why they were absent from work and if there is anything you can do to support them.  Explain that you are concerned and have reviewed previous absences and there seems to be a pattern (e.g. always off with a cold in the middle of November) ask them if there is a deeper, personal reason why they are always off at that time. Explain that their actions have consequences which may impact on their colleagues and their own work load. Sometimes just making them aware that you are monitoring the situation will be enough for them to re think any more duvet days.

If the situation does not improve then you may need to consider a more formal approach this could include disciplinary action or an appointment with a company doctor to discuss their health issues if related to sickness. Please remember if you see a clear pattern of non-attendance this is potentially a conduct issue and should be managed accordingly.

Following on from that, we are coming into the Festive party season; you might want to keep an eye out for employees regularly taking a Monday or a Friday off to recover from weekend frolics. Look for patterns in their behaviour and have open and honest conversations with your employee.

This could be a challenging and difficult conversation, but you will only see an improvement if you face into this conversation. It is only fair to talk to the employee about it to avoid future problems and outline potential consequences if this behaviour continues. If you would like more help and advice on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01506 238745.

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