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New Employee Induction

Do you know nearly a third of new starts do not receive a formal induction?

A well planned induction can provide a new employee a great chance to settle quickly into their role and team. Remember these new employees are the future of your business.

Think about engaging and motivating the new employee from the minute they walk through your doors. Not only will this allow the employee to see how important they are to your business but can also improve employee retention rates in your business, this reduces turnover costs and recruitment fees.

Don’t just give them the company handbook and ask them to read it cover to cover. Instead help them understand the company’s goals and expectations.
Help them understand their job and what is expected of them, also how their role fits within the department and the business.

Don’t forget to cover the basics too; handbook; health and safety; where are the toilet facilities; start and finish times; lunch breaks and so on.

A good induction process should be planned well in advance, ensure that everyone involved knows what is expected of them.

Think about how you want to deliver your induction for example, you may have a training video for some elements of the induction and other sections will be delivered face to face by the relevant employee.

Remember to make the new employee feel welcome; remember what it feels like to be the new person! Make sure at the very least they are given a dedicated point of contact whom they can turn to.  Why not think about arranging a team lunch so that they get the chance to meet their colleagues on a more informal basis.

Don’t forget to introduce them to the senior managers and directors, they may not have direct dealings with them in the first instance but it is important that the new employee feels valued by the senior management team and not just their direct colleagues.

The induction process is only the beginning for your new employee, don’t forget to follow up with them on a regular basis especially in the first three/six months.

Finally, make sure you get some feedback. No induction process is perfect and the best way to improve it is to ask the people who are directly affected.

If you require further information on induction or the new start process why not give us a call or pop into see us, we will be happy to help.

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