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Thankfully the economic climate in the UK seems to be slowly improving however sadly there are still businesses affected, which may result in redundancy.

If you have reviewed other alternatives and find yourself in a position where redundancy is the only option, do not panic! Redundancy handled well can be a sympathetic and cost effective process.

Current legislation governs the procedures very closely and it is essential that the process is fair and consistent. Redundancy consultation is an emotional journey that no-one wants to travel however following a clearly defined process can  minimize the impact of this.

You need to give each individual due consideration and ensure that each decision must be fair and non discriminatory. There are various legal obligations that must be followed for example; selection cannot be made on the grounds of age, disability, gender, pregnancy or race. These are just a few of the reasons that would be deemed as unfair selection and discriminatory and consequently could result in a significant award to the employee at an employment tribunal.

Remember the threat of redundancy can be a worrying time for all employees, keep communication channels open and ensure that your team completely understands your redundancy process and their options. Communication & Participation is key!

At Simple HR we appreciate and understand the emotional issues that redundancy can have but also the financial ramifications that may affect your business. We have designed a Redundancy Calculator that is confidential and simple to use. Using their employment start date, salary and date of birth you can calculate an indicative cost for statutory redundancy pay for each employee.

Our Simple HR handbook will provide you with a comprehensive guide through every stage of the redundancy process, ensuring legal compliance.

If redundancy is affecting your business why not give us a call to book a free appointment with one of our HR Consultants today.

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