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Keeping Employees Focused during the Festive Period

When it comes to Christmas decorations some people go all out. Decorating the office inside and out until everywhere is twinkling.

We don’t want to say ‘Bah Humbug!’ but you need to make sure that the focus of your employees is on their work right up until the business closes for the holidays.

Make sure that your employees don’t get too swept up in the excitement. Keep the decorations to a minimum, a tree in the corner and some tinsel on the windowsill is appropriate.

Try and keep the party planning separate from the ‘normal’ workload. Either set up an Events Committee or organise it yourself to keep the distractions to minimum. Don’t have the party too early as this will heighten excitement. Also, bear in mind that if the Christmas party is on a Thursday you won’t get the best work out of your employees the next day!

Most companies will use a Secret Santa type regime for present giving and this is what we would recommend (provided that all employees want to join in). Make sure that no offensive presents are included, that everyone is aware of price limits and knows what is acceptable.

You might want to check out our Party Policy from last month.

Christmas can be a fun time for your employees and is a chance for you to reward them for their commitment throughout the year. However, you need to keep it present in everyone’s minds that the business needs to run as normal until closing time!

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