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When it comes to attracting the best talent, it’s easy to get bogged down in adverts, agencies and disappointing candidates. You find yourself asking ‘Where is all the good talent?!’ without realising that your employees have some of the best networks around.

Employee Referral Schemes are nothing new but they are making a bit of a comeback, particularly amongst graduate recruitment. The premise is simple; a current employee refers someone they know for a position and if the Company decides to hire them, they will receive a fee. This is an excellent way to attract talent. After all, nobody knows what it is like to work at your company better than your employees!

As mentioned above, this particularly works well when it comes to graduate recruitment, where it can sometimes be difficult to find the right person amongst all that talent. If you have an employee who has recently graduated or employees on placement over the summer break, talk to them about employee referral. They will probably know of a few people who were in their class at university and are looking for a job. You could ask them to put the job advert on their Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn profiles, as well as to contact people directly however just be mindful if they are placing adverts on behalf of the company, they are representing your brand so you would want to ensure that they are aware of this.

Set the fee you are willing to pay at a reasonable level for the position, and make sure that all employees are aware that it won’t be payable until after successful completion of the probationary period.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, contact us today, about setting up your referral scheme for your business and start attracting your future talent.

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