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The Do’s and Don’ts at an Assessment Centre

Do: Involve the team that are supporting with the assessment centre. Brief the team before you go into the assessment centre to ensure that everyone is aware of what the most desirable outcome could be. Meet with them a good while before the event and ask for creative input, open the floor to ideas and use those ideas.

Don’t: Overcomplicate. Don’t have a million and one things you want to fit into the day. Be realistic about what you will be able to do, and what is most important to include in the day. Keep it simple!

Do: Be Welcoming. For you it’s another day at the office, but to the candidates it will be a really nerve-wracking time. By being welcoming and willing to accept the candidates, you will leave them with a good impression of the Company. Don’t forget that you are trying to convince the candidates that they should want to work for you, as well as the other way round!

Don’t: Have Time Gaps. Try not to have your candidates sitting around unnecessarily. The whole point of assessment centres is to monitor the candidates for the whole day. Even at lunch, have some members of your team networking around the group. It’s also a great opportunity for the candidates to ask questions in a more relaxed environment, as well.

Do: Be Organised. Keep name registers, and divide the candidates into groups with a co-ordinator for each group. Make sure the co-ordinator knows where their team needs to be and when. Don’t forget the interviewers – ensure that they are up to speed and know where they need to be!

We have successfully developed and co-ordinated assessment centres for businesses across central Scotland so if you would like any more information about running a successful Assessment Centres, contact us today. Come back next week for What to Include in a Successful Assessment Centre.

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