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Apprenticeships can help businesses grow their own talent.

The key to a successful apprenticeship is to provide high quality training. This will benefit both your business and the apprentice by developing a motivated and skilled employee.

Some simple tips on managing an apprentice:

Integrate your apprentice plans into your overall plan. By embedding your apprentices into the team line up, you will have a much greater success than if you have two distinct groups in your workforce

Make sure that there is an experienced employee prepared to mentor the apprentice. It’s great to be prepared to help somebody get into the industry but you need to make sure you have your team on board as well. Remember, the best mentor is a previously successful apprentice!

Apprentices aren’t a quick fix. You need to be willing and able to invest into your employee and, although you might not see the results straight away, you will reap the rewards further down the road

Make sure that your apprentices are always learning. Encourage and assist them with working towards their apprenticeships qualification. You can also get funding for this from the government

Be aware of employment law surrounding apprentices; although there is different rules with regards to minimum wage, apprentices have the same rights as a fully fledged employee

You pay your apprentice as you would any employee but as you are also providing a service to them; their salary tends to be less than average. Once they have completed their apprenticeship you would review their salary in line with their skills.

By taking an active role in your employee’s development you will find that they are motivated and are more likely to commit to your business. This can reduce absenteeism and increase your retention rates.

As the Government is trying to reduce unemployment they may provide funding to your business if you agree to run an apprenticeship. This will depend on the role and size of your business.

Check out next week’s blog all about applying for successful funding applications.


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